Welcome, I'm Daniel Fort. As a son of czech parents, Iwas born and raised in Munich.
After a career as a CAD-Designer, I studiedPhotography at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld and at the YrkeshögskolanNovia in Finland. I got my degree in 2012.
Photography for me is the best way to deal with the versatilityof our planet. I'm always looking for newdestinations and adventures. The topics are wide spread. Foreign cultures,people and their environment, landscapes, nature, sports and social themes.
One of my concerns in my work areto capture the spirit of the things, to look for something poetic in our worldand culture. An important part of my work is dealing with the relationship ofhuman beings to the earth, the natural environment, the space we are living inand the experience and feeling of nature by humans.
In my personal work I try to get as close as possibleto our native environment. So, for example, I consistently stay for at least24h on certain spots in the wilderness or I'm hiking for many days, trying tocapture my experiences, thoughts and what I have seen. Approaching in this way,I'm able to understand and experience a particular place completely and in his widediversity.
Furthermore it is important for meto capture other cultures in pictures, so people can appreciate different waysof living. I would like to acquaint the society with the numerous things whichare existing on our earth and sensitize people to our world.
Currently I'm living and working in Bielefeld, Munich and Prague.


GALERIE BIJ DE BOEKEN (Solo Show), Ulft, Netherlands (Sept/Oct 2016)

Somewhere a place, KULTURHAUS ZANDERS, Bergisch Gladbach (June/July 2016)

ARTMUC, Contemporary art fair, Munich (June 2016)
HUNTENKUNST, Contemporary art fair, Ulft NL (May 2016)

RAGLAN ARTS WEEKEND, Raglan, New Zealand (Jan. 2016)

kijk:papers, Warte für Kunst, Kassel (June 2015)

HUNTENKUNST, Contemporary art fair, Ulft NL (May 2015)

HUNTENKUNST, Contemporary art fair, Ulft NL (May 2014)

CONTEMPORARY BOOK ART - The most beautiful German books, Exhibition in collaboration with GERMAN FOUNDATION OF BOOK ART and INSTITUTE OF BOOK DESIGN BIELEFELD, Bielefeld (June 2013)

LEIPZIGER BUCHMESSE, Presentation of the Book Project 24h, (Mar. 2013)

SPACE II, Video installation, R15 Bochum (Feb./Mar. 2013)

AND NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM,32nd Photosymposium The Jewish Engagement with Photography,Felix-Nussbaum-Haus Osnabrück (29.Nov. - 19.Dec. 2012)

AND NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM,32nd Photosymposium The Jewish Engagement with Photography,  University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (20.Nov. - 18.Dec. 2012)

WERKSCHAU2012 , University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (July 2012)

KO[R]RELATION, DAZ Berlin (2011)

KO[R]RELATION, Stadtbauraum Gelsenkirchen(2010)

BY FOOT (soloexhibition), BildWild - Bunker Ulmenwall Bielefeld (2007)


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Fort - Illustrations (Illustration & Design)

Eva Green (Fashion Design)

Thiemo Boegner (Photography)

Samuel Schliske (Photography)

Luke Davoll (Composition & Sound Design)

Matthias Klei (Traveler & Wheelchair User)

Sebastian Forkarth (Photography)

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